Chatbots Need More Information 

Chatbots are being sold as the artificial intelligence cure-all for every business problem under the sun -- except sales. No one seriously believes that A.I. can replace actual humans when it comes to closing the most complex (and profitable) sales deals.

But the artificial intelligence behind chatbots can help you accelerate your sales cycle. Rather than replacing some or all of your sales team with chatbots, A.I. can deliver a virtual sales assistant for every sales representative, automating the paperwork and research that can slow down sales and cost your company deals.

In this brief ebook, you'll find out:

  • The real reason chatbots suck at sales
  • How an A.I. sales assistant is different from a "regular" chatbot
  • How your company knowledge base may be holding back sales
  • How a virtual sales assistant can help you close more deals, faster