An Executive’s Guide To Buying AI

In an advancing digital-first world, customer support’s business imperative is a tough one: deliver customer satisfaction that can scale across thousands or millions of interactions at significantly lower cost. Trying to achieve this with a “business as usual” approach won’t work. But by unleashing AI in their businesses, customer support executives can actually deliver on this.

By applying AI technologies into the support function, leaders can streamline processes, reduce costs and expedite information gathering. These tools will become the business's ‘super power’; and companies will wield customer support as a competitive weapon and differentiator. Perhaps most important, the customer support staff will get back doing what they were hired to do: actually support customers!

In this ebook you’ll learn:

  • Why AI is customer support’s superpower

  • How AI can improve difficult issue resolution, reduce uncertainty, and shrink costs 

  • Debunk myths about AI and customer support

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