Never lose a customer to "I don't know"

Every time a support or sales rep responds to a request with "I don't know" you've slowed down your ability to generate revenue and created a poor customer experience. Your knowledge base is likely to blame for this. 
A properly organized and implemented knowledge base makes your customer support teams more effective and efficient by shortening the time it takes to solve customer problems. With quick, easy access to accurate technical and procedural documentation, your support team can close help tickets faster, improve customer satisfaction, and decrease customer churn.
And, every time a sales representative responds to a prospect with the words "I don't know," your knowledge base has failed. While most knowledge base solutions aren't designed to explicitly support sales teams, there are still steps you can take to optimize your knowledge base content for sales success.

In this brief ebook, you'll find out how to:

  • Organize your knowledge base around support efficiency
  • Populate your knowledge base with all necessary support documentation
  • Maintain that documentation for completeness and accuracy
Talla is building the artificially intelligent knowledge base of the future, designed specifically to assist sales and support teams. If you'd like to learn how AI can ensure your knowledge base never loses value to your sales and support teams, check out this eBook and contact to learn more. 

how to prevent losing customers with fast, accurate information