Achieve Backlog Zero

The goal of every support team is first call resolution -- solving a customer's problem the first time they contact you -- which requires that support representatives have an almost inhuman talent for connecting customer-reported problems with documented solutions. New AI software can help your support team "go ticketless" by finding answers to 90% of the questions they are posed.

A ticketless system is one that is so efficient and effective at locating documented solutions for customer issues that a support ticket -- an artifact for tracking support cases beyond the original customer call -- is rarely if ever necessary, because most support issues are solved during the first customer interaction.

In an ideal world, you'd have a "ticketless" support system -- effectively a Backlog Zero -- because you could answer incoming support issues as quickly as they come in. That's the promise that these Inbox Zero solutions are making, and it's the potential salvation that AI can actually deliver to your support team.

The eBook Outlines:

  • The 3 steps to a ticketless support system 
  • Features an AI solution must posses
  • Critical deployment steps to get the most out of your AI support solution

If you're ready to start clearing your backlog of support tickets, decreasing your average handle time, and improving your first-call resolution rate, download How to Achieve a "Ticketless" Support System with AI.

how to achieve a ticketless support system with AI ebook cover