Insurance Companies Can Use Automation to Improve Customer Service

Modern insurance policies and processes are confusing, even for trained professionals. There's little chance that the typical insurance policyholder won't eventually need to call your Contact Center. The usual amount of time it takes you to resolve a customer's issue is your "average handle time," and that's a metric you want to keep as low as possible without sacrificing the quality of your customer service.

Fortunately, modern automation software is finally ready to make a real dent in your average handle time without letting your service quality suffer.

To bring handle time down but keep call quality up, you must make it easier for your call center staff to provide help to your customers. Easy service is good service, and any way that automation can simplify the support process is a net win for both your support team and the customer. When service gets easier, call time goes down but call quality and customer satisfaction go up. Shorter calls are cheaper calls, but automation ensures low cost still includes high quality.

The eBook Outlines the 3 AI improvement areas for insurance companies:

  • Area 1: Alongside Your Call Center Staff
  • Area 2: Alongside the Customer
  • Area 3: A Centralized Knowledge Base

How Insirance Companies Can Use Automation to Improve Customer Service eBook