Increase Revenue and Improve Employee Productivity 

Augment your Sales and Support reps with AI knowledge automation. Talla merges machine learning, automation, and chatbots with your sales and support content to turn it into actionable information. 

  • Never lose a customer to misinformation. Provide your team with accurate information and a single source of truth. 
  • Improve sales velocity with real-time answers. Your team can access information directly through chat. 
  • Improve the quality of your content with AI and eliminate stale, duplicate content. 

Use Talla with Slack, MS Teams, your intranet, or TallaChat, our standalone web app. 

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"We looked at dozens of options, and after demo'ing Talla, it was clear their AI-enabled knowledge base was head and shoulders above the rest."

Enrico Palmerino, CEO and Founder of Botkeeper