How to Sell Your Boss on AI and Make a Career-Changing Difference 

There is a lot of hype in the world today, especially around AI. Talk of AI is everywhere, so even though evidence shows that AI delivers real value to real problems, it can actually be tough to sell your boss on an AI-powered solution. That's why we created this guide on how to sell AI internally and make a career-changing difference.

Early adopters are doubling down, ramping up their AI investments, launching more initiatives and finding positive returns. The cliché that AI is the ‘wave of the future’ is proving true. Like the internet in the 90s and the pivot to cloud in the last decade, ambitious internal champions can lead the charge, improving their workplace experiences, while also making a mark on their careers.

Eventually, someone will be seen as the pioneer that pushed the AI agenda. Why not you?

The Guide covers:

  • Overcoming distrust for overhyped technology  
  • Rethinking your sales approach 
  • Preparing for the top 5 objections 
  • Evaluating customer support automation tools