Episode 0: Introducing AI at Work

Join Rob May, the CEO and Co-founder of Talla, and Brooke Torres, founding team member and Director of Marketing at Talla, for a weekly look into AI trends and the future of AI in the enterprise. We will be joined by exciting guests in the space including: CEO's of AI companies, VC's, data scientists, and more.

On AI at Work we will talk about topics like:

  • How you can apply AI at work, whatever it is you do and wherever you work
  • AI news highlights and things that you should pay attention to
  • AI terminology translated into plain English for you
  • Case Studies of the most successful AI deployments

There are a lot of misconceptions in this space, even around the basics of what AI is and what you can do with it. AI at Work will be educational for business leaders, providing insight on how to think about and effectively deploy AI in your organization.

We hope you'll tune in, and we're looking forward to hearing from you! If you have things you'd like us to talk about, tweet us @tallainc, or email podcast@talla.com.

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Rob Circle Headshot

Rob May, CEO, Talla 

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Brooke Torres, Director of Marketing, Talla