Enterprise Data Security and Chatbots

As more companies adopt chat platforms like Slack, Hipchat, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts, they are increasingly looking at chatbots to help streamline operations and help employees be more productive. However, chatbots are an entirely new category of software. Their unique, text-based user experience presents some unique challenges to the I.T. department that is tasked with vetting them and protecting corporate data.

In this eBook you'll learn: 

  • Tips to help you evaluate chatbots and mitigrate risks from their deployment.
  • How to evaluate whether a bot is suitable for the enterprise.
  • How to protect your corporate data when using bots.




Power Your IT Help Desk with Artificial Intelligence

In most organizations, IT is ironically the last to enjoy the benefits of new technology. There's money in the budget to enable marketing automation, or development tools. Find out how artificial intelligence for the help desk is changing that.  

In this eBook you'll learn: 

  • How overlooking IT support is hurting the entire organization. 
  • Tips on using artificially intelligent assistants to cut back on the overhead of managing support.
  • Ways to make your help process more user friendly. 


How HR Teams Can Use Slack Effectively

We talked to 10 HR managers and advisers who have used Slack to enable better communication and collaboration at their organizations. Learn what they did right, what they did wrong, and how they hope to use Slack in the future.

In this eBook you'll learn: 

  • Tips and tricks from HR leaders at HubSpot, Catalant, Ginkgo Bioworks, and more for rolling out Slack successfully at your organization.
  • Ways to use Slack features, functionality, and apps to improve HR workflows and tasks.
  • Advice on using Slack to help shape a positive culture at your organization. 





12 Best Slack Business Apps 

Make your day more productive by connecting Slack to your core, everyday applications, including your inbox, calendar, file storage, conference call system, and task-tracking software. By integrating your primary software tools into Slack, you can start receiving updates and information directly in Slack.

In this eBook you'll learn: 

  • The best Slack apps to use for making your workday more productive.
  • Tools for making the best use of Slack's real-time communication platform.
  • Ways to make information easier to share and find.


The Slack Power User's Guide 

Slack is more than just a self-described “messaging app for teams;” it’s a powerful collaboration platform that constantly adds new features to improve both its usefulness and its ease of use. The team at Slack is constantly adding new, subtle, and often unexpected features that make Slack more effective, more flexible, and more fun.

In this eBook you'll learn: 

  • About powerful functionality hidden in Slack -- much of which Slack’s standard training guide doesn’t tell you about. 
  • Commands and shortcuts to improve your Slack experience.
  • Ways to build better messages and channels for improved communications with your team. 


How to Revolutionize Your Hiring Strategy

The right hire can mean incredible growth, can transform your culture, or turn things around when they aren’t exactly looking up. The wrong hire, we know, is an enormous cost to your company, and it puts a lot of pressure on founders, hiring managers and recruiters who make the decisions of who to bring in. 

In this eBook you'll learn: 

  • How to interview smarter to maximize your time, better predict candidate success, and be more efficient.
  • Ways to build a strong referral program to keep your hiring pipeline full.
  • Tips for crafting better job posts and descriptions for attracting top talent.