Lead Blockchain Engineer | Boston, MA or Palo Alto, CA

Talla is looking for an entrepreneurial lead blockchain software engineer with experience building innovative services and technologies to help Talla incorporate blockchain & cryptocurrency functionality into their intelligent automation bot platform.

As a lead on our blockchain engineering team, you will:

  • Be responsible for leading the design & implementation of our cyptocurrency and blockchain initiatives.
  • Work with product & engineering teams to incorporate blockchain technology into Talla’s intelligent bot platform products
  • Build & manage a team of blockchain engineers as the product & technology matures

Position requirements:

  • You have engineering experience with and a broad understanding of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and smart contract technologies
  • You have experience developing with Ethereum contracts with Solidity
  • You are experienced with or are interested in applied machine learning and AI
  • You are interested in building robust production services that span many services & technologies
  • You are an excellent communicator, and enjoy evangelizing new products and technologies
  • You have a good knowledge of cryptography and computer security

 Apply Now: Email jobs@talla.com